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If you wish to find out about the trade fairs in Madrid and make advance plans to attend any of those organised by IFEMA, or which are held on its premises, we suggest you look over the different sections of this website. This will inform you about the 80-plus trade fairs comprising our Trade Fair Calendar and the profile of the companies and industries participating in them. A powerful search engine will help you find the information you require.

Governing Bodies


In the Madrid of the 21st century, IFEMA can be proud of having efficiently fulfilled its commitment to contributing actively to the development and growth of both the local Madrid economy and that of the entire nation. Thanks to Feria de Madrid’s constant striving to better itself, our city has become one of the most attractive international business centres in the world.

Conscious of the benefits that it provides both to the participants in each of the exhibitions and trade fairs included in this catalogue, and to the entire economic structure of the city, IFEMA has taken on the responsibility of further enhancing its role as one of the prime movers of Madrid’s economy. This is why it has launched ambitious projects for improving and expanding not only its installations, but also the services that it offers to exhibitors and visitors alike.

Madrid’s City Government has a favourable view of the management model that IFEMA represents: that of a public organisation able to channel private initiative in order to generate opportunities for growth. Therefore, IFEMA’s successes are the result of the sum of the efforts and expectations each of its professional visitors and exhibiting companies puts into every one of its trade fairs. To all of them goes the credit for putting IFEMA at the forefront of the world’s most important exhibition organisers.

IFEMA’s track record is the reason why the City of Madrid unconditionally supports its plans for the future, which are essential to consolidating Madrid’s status as a major European capital. This means that the municipal administration will continue working to make our city a premier venue for the initiatives of the thousands of exhibitors and visitors that Feria de Madrid attracts annually. But all of our efforts will ultimately mean something only if companies and individuals reap real benefits from them, by participating in the events that this publication proposes for the coming year.


In recent years, Madrid has consolidated is position as an international leader. The Madrid Region has become a social, cultural, and economic reference point, characterised by its dynamism and constant striving for progress. One of the strongest exponents of this forward momentum is IFEMA.

Throughout all these years, the institution has shown itself to be a prime mover in the growth of the Madrid Region, establishing a highly efficient model of co-operation amongst its different sectors, such hotels and restaurants, transportation, and the entertainment industry. For this reason, the Madrid Regional Government has given solid support to IFEMA, and shall continue to do so.

Thousands of companies and professionals participate in Feria de Madrid’s events every year, to promote their products and services. The expectations of those who come to IFEMA have grown as the institution itself has expanded, demanding that we launch new projects and initiatives.

In the pages of this publication, besides the wide range of trade fairs in Madrid, we are presenting the new expansion project for our exhibition complex. Its two new halls, which will be operative in 2007, will undoubtedly benefit not only exhibiting companies and visiting professionals, but also the overall economic growth of the Madrid Region and its projection throughout Europe.

IFEMA is an institution committed to Madrid, but one where the rest of Spain, and the rest of the world, have an increasingly higher profile as visitors and exhibitors, confirming the Spanish capital’s status as a major business centre. In this sense, IFEMA is one more example of the role that Madrid proudly plays as a venue for national and international business meetings, an open city offering efficient service.

We shall, I am sure, continue to work together to ensure the future growth of our region. With these lines, I would like to invite you all to visit Feria de Madrid, confident that your highest expectations will be met.


IFEMA's activities constitute a source of considerable satisfaction for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry due to the numerous business opportunities they generate for all the Madrid Region's economic sectors. In effect, here at the Chamber of Commerce we have always believed that IFEMA plays a key role, which explains our close involvement in the trade fair institution. IFEMA provides an essential means of promoting economic activity throughout Madrid.

Feria de Madrid also reveals its constant endeavour to renew its activities and appeal, both with regard to the services and the facilities it offers. These efforts are also undoubtedly designed to guarantee the commercial success of the fairs and events organised at the exhibition centre.

IFEMA's growth, both in terms of size and activity, plays a key role in strengthening the economic fabric of Madrid and, in particular, helps the Chamber of Commerce to achieve one of its key goals: the internationalisation of Madrid's companies. Although a considerable number of companies already operate on the foreign markets, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that have the capacity to operate abroad is even higher. These companies simply lack the encouragement to make this important leap.

In recent years, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry has implemented a dynamic campaign in order to attract foreign exhibitors and visitors to Madrid. It has also increased its number of international events, thus confirming the leading role that Madrid and IFEMA play on the Spanish market. These fairs presented significant progress at an international level. This growing internationalisation also comes within the framework of the collaboration agreement that IFEMA and the Chamber of Commerce have reached in order to send foreign trade experts to different countries in order to support the international drive undertaken by Madrid's companies. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce and IFEMA invite numerous groups of buyers and foreign press representatives each year to Madrid in order to attend various events organised by the trade fair institution. Neither must we forget to mention the Foreign Press Trips Programme that is organised in order to welcome journalists from different countries to IFEMA's facilities.

Thanks to IFEMA's management and the trust that thousands of exhibitors and visitors place in the trade fair organiser each year, IFEMA has assumed a leading role, one that it carries out diligently and responsibly. As promoters of this trade fair institution, we shall continue to work in order to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of all of the fairs and events that take place at Feria de Madrid.

I send you my warmest wishes, in the knowledge that Feria de Madrid will continue to offer your company the very best business opportunities in the future.


IFEMA meets every year to more than two million people from the five continents, and that should be enough reason for being proud of being from Madrid. For Fundación Montemadrid, being part of this family reaffirm the values that define us in areas such as Culture, Solidarity, Environment and Education. Therefore, our foundation not only collaborate with ARCO Madrid with its presence in the governing bodies of IFEMA and the organizing committee of the fair, but one of our spaces ensign, La Casa Encendida, is directly linked with the celebration of the event and with their visitors.

It is also a reason of meeting between both institutions the shared momentum in areas such as education, accessibility and sustainability, which IFEMA supports with annual fairs as Aula, Bio-culture or the one for the Employment for People with Disabilities.

But beyond these shared efforts, Fundación Montemadrid and IFEMA jointly defend the interest at the Madrid’s Community’s economic development, together with the social and cultural one. For us it is gratifying this institution continue working as unifier of the several sectors and industries that meet here, and that are present in multiple opportunities for both businesses and individuals.



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