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Specific Regulations Sicur

FREE DESIGN STAND: Companies that opt for stands with a free-design stand must send their PROJECT to IFEMA´s Exhibition Services Department (Fax: 91 722 51 27 or e-mail: stecnica@ifema.es) for its approval, not later than January 24,2014. The company undertaking the assembly work should, before commencing this work, pay IFEMA the corresponding fee for  Assembly Charges, under the heading of services rendered during the period of assembly and dismantling. The carrying out of these requirements is absolutely essential to be able to begin the construction of the stand. The maximum authorised perimetric HEIGT of the stand is 4 m. In order to raise walls or any decorative element higher than 4m. it will be necessary to re-set 1 m. towards the interior. In no circumstance can a stand reach higher than 6 m. either for reasons of construction or decoration.  Blind perimetral walls canot be longer than 50 % of each aisle. To do blind walls of a greater length, these must be set back a minimun of 3,00 mts towards the interior and may not exceed 80 % of the length of the side. SIGNS, posters, spotlights, and other decorative elements may not project over 50 cm. beyond the space allocated, at a minimumheight of 2.5 meters, nor exceed the maximum height specified by the Exhibition Specific Conditions. Spotlights must be directed toward the interior of the stand. In case of doubt, consult IFEMA´S Exhibition Services Department.



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