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  100x100 MASCOTA 2015: a meeting for the entire pet world

Foto 100x100 MASCOTA 2015: a meeting for the entire pet world

Spain’s biggest event for pet lovers, organised by IFEMA, will take place on 23 and 24 May

Open to the public and featuring direct sales, the show will host the 87th Spring International Dog Show, Spain’s the most important, as well as exciting competitions and activities that will bring more than 5,000 dogs to Feria de Madrid.

Visitors will see cats, dwarf rabbits and other pets. There will also be daily exhibitions by the Guardia Civil, the Royal Guard and the police, as well as workshops for children, among other activities.

IFEMA, The Committed Vets and the Community of Madrid sponsor 100x100 Adopta, an initiative that sets out to encourage people to adopt abandoned animals and promote responsible pet ownership and animal well-being.

For the first time ever there will be a Madrid 100x100 Adopta parade, where participating organisations will introduce the audience to the pets available for adoption at their centres.

Madrid, 23 May 2015. The pet world is getting ready for its biggest annual event. The 5th 100x100 MASCOTA Pet Fair, organised by IFEMA and sponsored by Arion, will take place on 23 and 24 May in Halls 7 and 9 at Feria de Madrid. Open to the public and with direct sales of pet products and services, the show is Spain’s biggest showcase for this type of product.

A two-days show for pet lovers that takes them on a trip around the animal world. Visitors will discover and can buy and services from participating firms, but 100x100 MASCOTA also includes an array of competitions, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, and other activities connected with the dog, cat, donkey, rabbit and assorted pet worlds.

More than 5,000 dogs
When it comes to dogs, the trade fair hosts some important activities organised by the Spanish Royal Canine Society (RSCE). Sponsored primarily by Arion, the event is also the setting of the Spring International Dog Show, “H.M. The King's Trophy”, the National Dog Show, “Spanish Special Breeds”. There will also be qualifying rounds of the World Agility Championship 2015, the 7th Spanish Obedience Cup and monographic breed exhibitions.

The Breed Club Classrooms will educate visitors about the characteristics of different breeds of dog. More than 5,000 dogs will take part in the many activities organised.

As well as all the activities organised by the Spanish Royal Canine Society (RSCE), there will be a “Working Ring”, which will include demonstrations of “Dis Dog”, with Paco Lobo, from the Canine Good Citizen and rescue dog programme run by UCR Spain.

Don’t miss the programme of demonstrations by the Canine Department of the Madrid Municipal Police Force and the Royal Guard’s Guide Dog Section on Saturday, 23 May, an exhibition by the National Police Guide Dog Unit and the Guardia Civil Dog Training School, scheduled to take place in the Ring of Honour on Sunday, 24 May.

In the meantime, Dogtor Animal and Bayer have organised several initiatives, such as educational workshops and interactive exhibitions, to give the public an innovative look at Assisted Interventions with Animals, with the help of specifically trained animals and a specialised team.

Purina Pro Plan will also be running some canine activities in the Incredible Agility ring, with exhibitions by world champion David Molina, as well as a stand where visitors can have a caricature drawn of them with their pets. The dog photography course organised by CANON® is sure to be a popular event.

Dog grooming and training will have an important place at the show, with Procan organising several workshops for children and adults.

The Bocalan Foundation has organised several activities and educational workshops featuring animals, and Educando Perros-Ana Barbé will give talks on subjects such as how to choose a dog, breeds, ages, dog management and animal-human relationships, etc.

Visitors to 100x100 MASCOTA will have the opportunity to visit the Grooming and Hairdressing area - sponsored by Artero, a waiting area and an animal preparation area.

Paradise for cat lovers
100x100 MASCOTA is a wonderland for cat people, offering visitors a range of interesting activities. In collaboration with the Madrid Cat Club, the trade fair will host two international exhibitions sponsored by Royal Canin, with a prestigious jury featuring Susana Sala (Italy), Marga Kuda (Austria) and Andreas Kresmer (Germany). There will also be some special prizes: “Orange Award for the Early Riser Cat” and the “Lemon Award to the Laziest Cat”, which will go to the first and last cats to sign up. The Cat Club is also organising a series of talks on the cat world.

New for this year is the CAT CLASSROOM, an initiative organised in collaboration with La Gatoteca where cat lovers are invited to take part in educational, therapeutic and fun cat-themed activities. This comprehensive set of talks will teach today's and tomorrow’s cat owners how to look after their furry friends. There will also be a panel discussion entitled, “Great cat myths”, which will conclude with the BricoCat workshop for adults and children.

Rabbits and donkeys
100x100 MASCOTA will also host the 6th and 7th National Exhibition of Dwarf Rabbits of the National Family Rabbit Association (ASNAC), and the National Dwarf Rabbit Exhibitions.

Donkeys are also featured at this exhibition. The Madrid Friends of Donkeys Association will be there to show visitors to 100x100 MASCOTA the work they do for these animals at “Burrolandia”. The Spanish Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Breeding Association (AECBUMIN) will also organise an exhibition of miniature donkeys.

Sheep dog show
Arion is hosting a sheep herding exhibition with Border Collies at the fair, during which three beautiful Border Collies will control some cute Scottish heifers and five Zaroma sheep. Sheepdog trainers Alejandro Ibarra (www.aiabordercollie.com) and Antonio Gómez (www.bordercollielasolanilla.com) will show off the incredible ability of these dogs who are able to deal with obstacles and herd livestock into pens.

Madrid 100x100 Adopta
MADRID 100x100 ADOPTA, sponsored by IFEMA, Committed Vets (Madrid Veterinary Association and the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians), and the Community of Madrid, is an initiative that sets out to encourage people to adopt abandoned animals and promote responsible pet ownership and animal wellbeing. There will be 50 animal protection associations at the show offering information about adopting rather than buying an animal. It is also an opportunity to support the work done by animal protection and animal shelters.

For the first time this year, the Madrid 100x100 ADOPTA catwalk show will be staged by animal protection associations to introduce some of the pets available for adoption at their centres to the audience.

Committed Vets
After the excellent reception at the last edition, the Committed Vets area will once again feature The Academy, sponsored by Bayer, to encourage responsible pet ownership by educating pet owners. The training sessions on both days of the fair will be divided into five themed blocks: Nutrition, Health, Hygiene and Hair Care, Education and Relationships and Responsible Pet Ownership, where experts in these subjects will explain the basics that every ‘responsible’ pet owner needs to know. Each block will last around 10-15 minutes and they will be repeated during the two days of the show, morning and evening.

This space will also be used for exhibitions and other workshops, such as the interactive “Trainer for a Day” and “Training a therapy dog”, “Puppy training”, “Introduction to Canicross and Bikejoring”, “Training a dog in therapy” and “Rescue dogs. Finding people”.

Your best 100x100 Competition http://www.100x100mascota.com/2015/concurso/
Once again, 100x100 MASCOTA has organised the competition ‘Your 100x100 Pet’. The public is invited to vote for the best pets entered by owners in eleven different categories on social networks. These categories are: ‘The biggest’, The most beautiful’, ‘The biggest ears’, ‘The fluffiest’, ‘The smallest’, ‘The best trained’, ‘The cutest puppy’, ‘The sweetest photo’, ‘Mongrels’, ‘The most adorable kitty’ and ‘The most photogenic pet’. The pets receiving the most votes will go straight into the final, which will take place on Sunday, 24 May at the 100x100 MASCOTA trade fair.

In collaboration with Purina Proplan, Arion, Artero, Bayer and Royal Canin, winners will receive pet products provided by the sponsors of each category as well as a Canon camera for the “Most photogenic pet” section.

100x100 MASCOTA, organised by IFEMA, will take place on 23 and 24 May in Halls 7 and 9 at Feria de Madrid from 9.30 to 20.00. The general ticket price is 9 euros and children aged under 2 are free. There are also family tickets for 2 adults and 2 children for 26 euros and group tickets for at least 10 people at a reduced price of 7 euros per person. Large families pay 8 euros per person, provided they bring proof to the box offices at the trade fair.

More information at: www.100x100mascota.ifema.es
Ticket Sales: http://www.ifema.es/100x100mascota_01/Visitantes/TiposdeEntradas/index.htm







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